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The Magic Square: Men's TidbitsPenis StuffJune 6, 2004

CarlJung explored the complex process of individuation. That is, whilethere is only One underlying reality, that Reality has many parts.Also, each of these parts are a unique, functional part of the Whole. Achair is different from a table, and serves a different purpose inReality. With that perspective in mind, let us touch on issues of men'slives and men's magic.

But, before we do let me state that thismaterial is for Men, not children nor women. In traditional shamanicsocieties woman are initiated into the MYSTERY of the feminine by otherwoman only. Men are initiated by other Men only. This makes sense ifyou understand the real role of differences, and the critical role itplays in all levels of Reality and our personal lives.

Thisinformation was guarded and protected by the men and women of mosttribes. It was sacred knowledge, and was only shared with those to whomthe information applied, men to men and women to women.

However,in modern times this data is really lost. Since most of us don't wantto return to earlier times, we need to reconnect with this information,and find new ways to direct it to those who need it. By the way, we canignore or reject this stuff... but in earlier times you would be forcedto know this, even if you didn't feel ready or wouldnot have been given a choice, since it was seen as critical sacredinformation!

Frankly, I could write a book about this....theissues is real close to my heart...but this is a magazine, so we canonly touch on it briefly here....SO THIS IS FOR THOSE MEN WHO ARESEARCHING!

  • First of all, we still need to protectourselves...just like in the primal jungle...there are still manydangers around us. Perhaps, not from a wild tiger but from airpollution, dirty neighbors, and endless other things right around ourown homes and property.
  • The magic square starts right athome... it is the space around your living area that acts as a barrierto damage comming from outside the magic square. It is a space youcreate and must maintain daily to fully function as a protection foryou and your family.
  • Many male animals would urinate on theedges of their space to help keep out problems. Frankly, I can stillfeel that primitive instinct in me....something in my penis wants toshoot out a strong line of protection and ownership of my immediatespace. My local neighborhood is not what I'd like it to be, and thisprimitive part of my maleness wants to express itself, and protect me.[ In the right setting I might let this part of me just do it's thing,and urinate to my instinct's content ].
  • However, that's notgoing to be possible in most situations....and it does stink on a goodhot day. So I suggest [ plan B ], keeping you space very clean , clearand clutter free. This tends to stop problems from moving into yourspace, and when problems do enter they are often less intense.
  • Sincemost homes, living spaces and properties tend to be square have the basis for the magic's created andprotected with MALE energy and magic.
  • The penis as a magicwand is also a critical factor in male life, and Reality itself. Yousee Eros, the sexual force is the glue that holds things together atour level of Reality. Thus the penis attracts and holds things close tous. If it doesn't understand it's magic role, it might draw things tous that are a problem. I see this happen all day, and few guys have anyidea why there are so many problems in their lives.
  • So, like your magic square, keep your penis Clean and Clear to avoid drawing too much garbage into your life.
  • Do a phallic ceremony making it sacred and more functional again....and watch the changes in your life.
  • Good Luck Guys!!!
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