Organic Loose Tea

Organic loose teaOrganic Loose Tea - quite simply put, this is the way that tea has been prepared for 100's of years. Tea leaves all originate from the same plant, and teas differ in the way they are processed. Read how Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Oolong tea are made here.

The loose teas are typically whole leaves that have been processed. During processing the tea leaves are dried and they shrink, so when you look at a pile of whole leaf tea it just looks like shriveled bits of tea! The magic of course is once you brew.

If you were not pre-warned, your first batch will be way to strong, and you will waste alot of those precious loose tea leaves. The tea leaves will expand 4x or more once put into the freshly boiled water. Organic loose tea can be pricy, but in comparison you just need such a small amount to brew your tea, it is actually quite inexpensive.

So, while in Western Countries we are used to the flaked tea remains that are found in our tea bags, we are not used to this expansion of the loose teas. If you use a tea strainer, just remember to fill it no more than 25% full or it will over flow on you.

This is also a great concept as the organic loose teas can be used to brew up to 3 pots of tea! Something you would never get out of a tea bag! So, once the first pot has steeped, you can reuse the leaves up to 3 times more by just letting each pot of tea brew a little longer.

Another interesting point is what you will find when you go to remove the tea from your pot, you can actually see the whole leaves! NO flakes or bits to be found, just whole tea leaves.

When you think about it, it is really not that amazing, but if you have never seen it before, it can be a bit of a shock.

Organic loose tea is available for most kinds of tea including Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong and White Tea. The flavours are much different from bagged teas, but it is truly the way tea is supposed to be.

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